Oral History

Interviewing BIPOC, LGBTQ+ people, women, and people from vulnerable communities requires special awareness. I am happy to consult and give advice on conducting oral histories with multicultural communities. I also can consult on how to conduct an oral history about traumatic events.  

Hourly fee:
$60 for organizations
$35 for individuals

Sensitivity Reading

Are you writing about a diverse community? Wonderful! However, are you talking about that community with the respect it deserves? Is your language othering that group? Making them sound exotic instead of complex?

My sensitivity reading and editing services scan your work for these problems and more.



Mental health (anxiety, depression)

Bullying and racial discrimination


Black people

Sexual violence victims

LGBTQ+ experiences

Hourly fee:
$45 for organizations
$25 for individuals


Do you need language for a blog post, but can't quite find the right words? Are you trying to write the perfect fundraising email with the right balance of story and "big ask"? Then you need a copywriter with experience! 

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